Bass(think outside the box)

hehehehe BASS!!!!!!!!! whats your favorite lure? favorite reel? favorite rod??? even favorite color hook(if applicable) and if you are that "unexperienced" as to have no idea what i am talking about, Bass is a type of freshwater fish. probably the most sought after too. google "large mouth bass" if you are still lost....

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chaoscampbell10 years ago
Bass Bass.bmp
ledzep567 (author)  chaoscampbell10 years ago
hahahahahahahaha now it would truly be outside the box if it was an actual fish at one time...
outside the box enough?
Bran10 years ago
The ol' cheap line, cheap rod, cheap reel, cheap hooks, and a big fat juicy worm!
ledzep567 (author)  Bran10 years ago
sometimes i use a really small brim(panfish other then bass and crappie) one so small that it will fit in my palm! on a worm hook and sometimes i get lucky lol
T-man10 years ago
if you fly fish try the muddler minnow. I got a 6 pound bass with it!
ledzep567 (author) 10 years ago
hahahaha i just use a lizard texas rigged. the weight/color/hook all depend on where i am fishing and what i have on hand. i fell in love with the Zebco 33 combo(yes i know what your thinking but they are 7 dollars around christmas time at bass pro shop lol) I would use a baitcaster but i dont have the patience. however, i use one for catfishing...
LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
NO! think inside the box! They are after you man. They want to burn your box. MMmmm Tasty bass!
Rapala crank bait in chartreuse, I use a shimano Bantam 100 bait casting reel with 8 # test on a 5'5" rod. For "heck I have an hour" I have a spinning rod behind the seat of my truck.