Batch Program ideas

Hey everyone! ive made only two batch programs, as you may or may not know. i need ideas, anything that you suggest, i can make!! (no moving games, cant do that) but anything else you want me to make, i can and WILL program it. its your chance to express yourselves, i need ideas!!
     *dont give simple ideas, i like chalenges ;)

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Yolo Pigeon2 months ago

Jarvis AI in Batch

If you want a challenge then move onto a more advanced programing language. Start playing around with micro controllers and learn to program in C/C++/C#.
Yeah or assembly 0_0 I'd like to see someone try that.
Country Boy 97 (author)  supercapacitor5 years ago
Chalenge accepted
Country Boy 97 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
i have been, but i'm looking for batch program ideas
What a waste of time.
lemonie5 years ago
This is what kids do; try playing with Java Script, it's not that hard.

And using a big comprehensive book like The Bible of Java Script, it is REALLY easy to learn....and a lot of fun to fool around with too.