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El Mano8 years ago
When a batch file is run, the Command Prompt input box (above) is shown. Even if the code is: @echo off exit the CP box flickers on-screen for a sec. Is there a way to prevent this so that a .bat file will perform without showing (for example: opening six programs without giving any indication it is a running .bat file)?
El Mano El Mano8 years ago
Forgive me for double-posting but I forgot to ask: is there a command that will disable the mouse and/or keyboard? I found the command rundll32.exe disable mouse in an instructable on computer pranks. Unfortunately, this command will not work (at least, not for me or my XP) and I can no longer find said instructable. If you know a .bat command that will do this (and preferably a command that will reable the mouse/keyboard) please post it.
Padlock El Mano8 years ago
No, they threw out that DLL function like in '98. This isn't exactly disabling the mouse, but it makes it pretty much unusable. If you use the command NirCmd from Nirsoft (Google it) you can use this snippet: :top nircmd.exe set cursor 0 0 goto top It makes the cursor appear in the top left corner every time it runs, and since it loops, it would make it reappear there every few milliseconds. If you just wanted to call it once and it keep on doing it, you could: Make a batch file, NoMouse.bat @echo off :top nircmd.exe set cursor 0 0 goto top Then save it. You would then just have to use: nircmd.exe exec hide "NoMouse.bat" To activate it.
Arbitror (author)  Padlock8 years ago
That doesn't disable the mouse either, it constantly moves it to the corner. This doesn't work for wacom tablets, b/c the cursor position is always changing.
This is exactly what it is designed to do. It effectively disables the mouse, but not completely. And no it won't work with a wacom tablet.
Arbitror (author)  Padlock8 years ago
I know it wont, I'm using one with nircmd right now!
Arbitror (author)  Arbitror7 years ago
And the cool thing is in order for anyone to use my computer, they must use the pen on my wacom. But if I take it with me, no one's gettin' on!
Must they use your pen, or any touch-enabled device pen? Many of times they are cross compatible.
Arbitror (author)  Padlock7 years ago
I'm the only one with a tablet in my house, so I'm the only one.
Haha, I just hit the "Start" button on my keyboard, start up "Run," CMD.EXE, and type:
nircmd.exe killprocess cmd.exe
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