Bathroom computer

A had this idea of hiding a pc behind the toilet and then having an arm that can swing out with a an lcd on it. I took some measurements and I think I would have to make a custom case out of wood so it be 2 inches thick. The image upload wasn't working.

Bathroom measurements


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b2948kevin7 years ago
What about an old tablet pc? Might take some looking, but I am sure you can find an older one for very little. You can then just flip the screen around and use the  touch keyboard. It would be like a cheap iPad or something, and you could mount it on the wall in front of you, or on a swing out arm. You could even mount the whole tablet in a frame for sleekness.

You're not going to get any honor points in WOW with this setup, but you'll be able to surf the web. The only obstacle that I can see is routing power so that it looks clean.

How many times have you been on the crapper when you thought of a great idea that you wanted to research online? If you're like me, some of your best thinking time is spent here.

As style points for this post, I thought of this and am typing this all while on the john.
coolrobot7 years ago
umm,i'm not even going to ask what for...
ll.139 years ago
Umm, just take a book? :)
Because everyone uses ebooks ( i still havent gone that far)
Electricity+water=BAD THINGS .....Why not just have a computer in your room.... keyboards get enough germs on them on an office desk...... If I went to your house I would not want to use the computer in the bathroom.... But if I was going to put a computer in my washroom I would add a shelf in the towel cabinet and run the cords whatever distance I had to.
Doctor What9 years ago
Water could be a problem. You might want to water proof everything. What about keyboard? would you just put it on your lap?
tech-king9 years ago
1) wood? water would be a problem. imagin a splash from somones bath hits it. or the steam causes rot 2) how would you get internet? a very long internet cable? 3) just get a ds, and use the wirless net browser 4) cooling would be a problem, as parts of the case would have to be open. plus, if the bathroom fills with steam... or deodorising spray.....
Is there a cabinet under the sink? You could put a computer there, and run a cord out the side for the LCD. Just a thought.
iman9 years ago
why not just get a laptop? because you might run into problems with the condensation from the toilet :I Idk?
CowGuy (author)  iman9 years ago
Because laptops cost money. And I am hoping to do this on a tight budget.
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