Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

This modified golf cart is apparently riding around some studio lot in Hollywood. Not much info about it except that one commenter claims it was made by Marc's Creature Company for a director who is not Christopher Nolan. Well, no matter what, it's a sweet custom job.

Christopher Nolan Golf Cart
via Geekologie

Picture of Batman Tumbler Golf Cart
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Foaly77 years ago
That's awesome. I gotta build one of these someday. And maybe one of the older Batmobiles too.
007dna7 years ago
Man, just imagine: On halloween, get into a Batman costume and drive that around....
Lindie7 years ago
Wow! It makes me laugh! It's soooooo cool!
silentchujo7 years ago
No...words......should have sent a poet!
Geez, now I'm picturing a retired Batman, his utility belt hitched up to just under his nipples, enjoying nine holes before he heads down to the Elks Club.
stale567 years ago
I hope this is in the next Batman movie! This thing is SWEET.