Battery / Phone Charger with 6v Solar Panel

Hi everyone, I am currently working on building a Solar powered USB (iPhone) charger. I am hoping to do this by using the 6V 50mA solar panel to charge 2-4 AA Batteries, the batteries will then in turn power the USB port. I know that I need a voltage regulator to get it all down to 5V for the USB. I have attached a sample wiring schematic and I am wondering if I am missing anything or if anyone has any tips or if I'm about to try something exceedingly stupid. Any help / comments are appreciated! Hoping to upload complete guide if it works! Thanks!

Picture of Battery / Phone Charger with 6v Solar Panel
krishnan1115 years ago
the circuit seems incomplete.. the flow of current may be interupted
Brendan09 (author) 8 years ago
This has been up for quite some time and still isn't visible in the forums...