Battery powered pinspots/lamps for trade shows

Hi all,

I've been asked for help from my mom, a jeweler and craftsperson. I don't have a great answer for her, so I'm reaching out to all of you. She is going to start exhibiting at a long-term trade show in LA and she's asked me for help creating a lighting system. She doesn't have much power in the booth, and we're trying to avoid running cable. Since she's only exhibiting for 6-8 hours a day and only 2 (sometimes 3) days a week, I thought a battery powered solution might work well  (with rechargeable batteries, of course).

I've found lots of cheap pinspots, washes, and LED strips that run on 12v power. I was just wondering if there was a viable solution for using battery packs or AA battery holders.

Thanks for your help!

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oldmicah5 years ago
Allen at stiltbeast studios has a nice solution for pin spots that come out to about 1$ a spot.

I don't know if you have one laying around but it might be worth a quick test to see how long a ups (computer battery backup) would last at this voltage level. (sorry for such a shot in the dark on this)

Good luck!
ohnoimabear (author)  oldmicah5 years ago
That's a great tutorial. The single LED pin is a bit narrow for me, so I might try grouping them together and basically trying to build my own pinspot with some kind of reflector and a battery pack.
Good luck and let us know your solution. I've got a couple of friends who do booths and it would be nice to have a solution in hand. :).

I mentioned the ups b/c it can be charged at night for multiday shows. (if it lasts long enough)
Goodhart5 years ago
Yes, configuring the UltraBrights from LED flash lights and lanterns or using them intact would solve the problem nicely
Kiteman5 years ago
What about using cheap LED torches?

It might be a feature of her stall if the only lighting was via superbright white LEDs beside or under the items of interest.
ohnoimabear (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
That is likely going to be the solution. I had wanted to come up with a variety of options though.