Battle of the bands

Whos better the Jonas Brothers or Guns N Roses? Please put if you are a girl or a boy because my sister thinks that Guns N Roses will win because only boys will vote because she thinks only boys go on instructables.

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LoneWolf7 years ago
I'm a dude, and Gun's N' Roses for sure - I hate the Jonas Brothers.
cupcake437 years ago
imma boi so guns n roses would be better even tho guns n roses is not my fav band
Jma847 years ago
Guns N Roses. And no, don't listen to rap besides Flobots or Hollywood Undead
im a guy
DJ Radio8 years ago
I hate both of em. Listen to Ludacris and listen to real music.
The Presidents of the United States of America are the best!
im glad you acknowledged Ludacris separately from good music. Glad to see that your starting to separate from from music :)
hobo86753098 years ago
oh yeh, im a guy
knexguy8 years ago
The band that actually plays music. As I once saw on a YouTube comment: 'I think even the Jonas Brothers know the Jonas Brothers suck' And yeah, this should be on music
barrax8 years ago
why is this in knex? Guns n roses are about 50 times better than the pop stars.
neon_green9 years ago
Jonas Brothers Rock and I hate guns and roses I AM A GIRL but i bet a lot of guys like joe bros better
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