Battle of the os's: Solaris,Windows,Linux,Mac,Unix......

What do you think THE BEST OS is ?

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mrs_weaponx8 years ago
I think Solaris is the best since it has so many features like predictive self healing and now building on ZFS file system. Pretty cool!!
ikem9 years ago
1. Windows (Windows XP before Windows Vista),
2. MacOS,
3. Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse),
4. Solaris

1. Linux (RHEL*, SLES),
2. Solaris,
3. Windows,
4. MacOS

*There is a free derivate called CentOS.

1. MacOS (only if Apple let them run on average PC hardware),
2. Linux (will be the first if Apple don't do, Apple hardware is expensive!),
3. Solaris,
4. Windows

Server: Nothing changes.

My favorite is Linux, it is more because of the philosophy behind it, less the OS. In terms of usability, experience, MacOS is the better OS, for know.

At first place i would like to see Linux, but i think it needs more work to be there, but the community works hard!

If you plan to use one of the free OS's, think about to try beside Linux the BSD derivates PC-BSD, DesktopBSD.
littlechef37 (author) 9 years ago
Is Solaris the Java based OS from Sun micro systems any good ?
Its not meant to be used as a desktop :P Its for servers ;-)
Goodhart9 years ago
This just out: Multiple Linux flaws show that Linux also has kernel issues

Not to defend Microsoft, as kernel exploits that provide privileged access are terrible flaws, but we had an interesting discussion in the talk backs where several people acted as if Microsoft was the only place that could’ve made such mistakes. Well, the proof is in the pudding that this is a common flaw across operating systems that is difficult to catch due to the complexities of kernel code.

Dann Frazier of Debian posted to Full Disclosure today about four vulnerabilities that allow local and although this means you can’t do it over the Internet, unless you’ve already compromised a user account in some way remotely, the same applied to the Windows flaw that I spoke of, but there were questions around what exactly local meant, as it does not mean you have to sit at the box physically...
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Security, reliability, stability : Linux Ease of use, general use, simplicity: Mac Most compatibility, industry standard: Window$ Universities, labs, other weirdos: Unix BTW I have a desktop running Fedora core 5 and 8 , and a MacBook laptop running OS x 10.5 (leopard)
littlechef37 (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Ok I downloaded a disk image of Mandriva, Fedora, Puppy, Ubuntu..... I tried Ubuntu First but the Bios chip is to old. Then I tried puppy its pretty cool... And then I tried Fedora but it didn't install (my limewire iso is probably missing a file or two) And now I am installing Mandriva and its asking me for a password and user name ( I am not done installing though) Would you know what these are ?
Could you be a little more specific? I'd be glad to help.
littlechef37 (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Ok I turn on my lil metal box and bam picture on the monitor... I go into BIOS and tell it to boot from CD and I see the setup screen with all the stick people..... and it finishes loading...... then it goes to the screen USERLOCALHOST Username: Password: Well anyways I figured that out the username is root... once i typed root and the password startx.....(I did some googling (alot)) and figure that out but now its just a red screen with a pointer on it. (it was red for about 30mins then it turned black and it hasnt changed since)...... Now whats going on (im going to do some more googling)
Odd.. What version of linux?
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