Why did they stop showing Battlebots and Robowars in the U.S.? It was a great show, Every guy I talked to said they watched it too. I think they still show it everywhere else though. I liked the idea of altoid tin Battlebots, we should have a contest for it.

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sparkplugs7 years ago
you can find it on youtube
Kiteman9 years ago
As I type now, it is 11:05am, Bank Holiday Monday, I have just fixed a crack in my car exhaust and I'm off to play in my shed.
Oh no, you haven't broken your new Mini already have you? LOL
I haven't got the mini yet - I clonked the exhaust going through a field last weekend (camping), and broke some of the rust off.
Ooops. Well, not knowing how they construct their autos over there, let me ask if it was "in front of" the catalytic converter or "after" it ? Or did you clunk the muffler? Some of the longer pieces of piping can get a little pricey when it they are needing replacement.
It was about a foot after the engine, partway down a pipe - I've no idea what the various boxes are.
Ok. Sounds like it is before the converter. Just hope it didn't crack the manifold or worse
No, I think the rust gave way and absorbed the shock. I've just been and turned the engine over, and it still sounds bad - there must be part of the crack I can't reach. I'll have to try and borrow some ramps to get at it properly (instead of lying in the mud in the lane).
Well, if you are fixing rather then replacing, make sure it is a good fix. Leakage of CO2 or worse CO under the care can get into the car, which is none too healthy.
Patrik9 years ago
Wikipedia actually has a really good overview of both the UK and US history of robot combat and the various TV shows:

The BattleBots page also has some interesting, very recent news, which sounds very promising for a return to TV of robot combat:

In February 2008, the company announced an offer from ESPN to televise a competition to be held later in the year, with competitors coming from as many as 160 colleges. The level of interest from colleges and requests for more time to prepare have prompted the organizers to delay the competition until November 2008.

See also:

ESPN & BattleBots: Gearing Up For College And Pro Competitions
BattleBots Returns, but Will 'Science Fair Gone Mad' Grab Geeks?
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