Why did they stop showing Battlebots and Robowars in the U.S.? It was a great show, Every guy I talked to said they watched it too. I think they still show it everywhere else though. I liked the idea of altoid tin Battlebots, we should have a contest for it.

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sparkplugs6 years ago
you can find it on youtube
Patrik9 years ago
Wikipedia actually has a really good overview of both the UK and US history of robot combat and the various TV shows:


The BattleBots page also has some interesting, very recent news, which sounds very promising for a return to TV of robot combat:

In February 2008, the company announced an offer from ESPN to televise a competition to be held later in the year, with competitors coming from as many as 160 colleges. The level of interest from colleges and requests for more time to prepare have prompted the organizers to delay the competition until November 2008.

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Kiteman9 years ago
Robot Wars faded away in the UK as well. I think it was a ratings thing -

When it started over here, the producer had to build a robot and enter to get enough contestants. By the time it was cancelled, they had competitors queuing round the block to get on the show, with massively-popular regional heats as well.

But I think it was only actually watched by the sort of people that would eventually enter.

Other sports are watched by millions of people who will never even try the sport, because they are jock-sports. Robot battles, however, are geek-sports.

The amount you need to know puts people off. For football or golf, you can leaf through a newspaper and wax knowledgeable about statistics and tactics. In my copy of Build your own combat robot, you have to wade through 182 pages of theory before you get to "construction techniques". You can't sound like an authority (which all men need to do before admitting to watching a sport) without actually learning something.

(Personally, it is just the cost that puts me off - I roughed up a plan, then grabbed a few prices off the web, and gave up counting at three grand. I know some people can build them for nothing, but full-scale combatants generally cost thousands.)
Aar000n3y9 years ago
Man I miss watching that show all the time... I wish they would put it back on the air too.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
Can't believe that they got rid of boiling point, too