Battlefield 2 pc problem

Battlefield 2 - Multiplayer Problem - After the map first loads, the "Select Checkpoint/Kit" menu pops up like normal, but I can not move the mouse cursor and the keyboard buttons do nothing in the game. Pressing Tabs-Lock makes the beep sound as if the Squad menu just popped up, but the screen stays the same (checkpoint/kit) and the mouse cursor stays in the middle of the screen. I can here the battle sounds in the background, and the checkpoint map changes flags as in real time play, but I can not start playing. This problem occurred after the game froze on 2 consecutive attempts, each freeze causing me to hard power-off the computer. After 3 attempts brought me the frozen cursor and keys, I reinstalled BF2 (just the original) and ran a virus scan. After the reinstall of the game, I tried once more to log on to Multiplayer, but it resulted in the same problem. The game has been working great for me for the past few months, and I was playing it already today.

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killer 247 years ago
won't let me play booster pack maps help!!!!!!!!!!!!
killer 247 years ago
help any body there
killer 247 years ago
it say's auqthientick i use every name i could think of but won't work
killer 247 years ago
won't let me create multi. account help!!!!
Brennn107 years ago
Did you download the multiplayer patches?  Run a google search for "Battlefield 2 patches."  If BF2 uses PunkBuster, make sure it is installed and enabled.
Merugop7 years ago
Re-install the game that might work
mel45769 years ago
Never had any problems with mine but my specs are double the minimums so maybe that is why!

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jrgcool3510 years ago
This happened to me also it is your processor is not strong enough, or your graphics card isnt, go get newer stuff.
My game wroked with this minimal specs: Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz 1 GB of RAM Geforce 6600 Sorry for double posting the geforce 6600 suxors get something better.
pwn_n00bzorz (author)  jrgcool3510 years ago
I posted this same problem to another forum and they told me to simply go to Control Options and set my controls to Default, which solved my problem. For whatever reason, my game freezing had to do with faulty controls, go figure. Thanks for responding jrgcool35.
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