Beach Instructables - Any Ideas or Suggestions?

I am going to Myrtle Beach from Sunday to Wednesday. I'm pretty psyched, as I don't go to the beach but a few times a year. Only thing is, the temperatures are supposed to not reach over 65 or so, but I don't care - I'm swimming! Anyway, the reason I tell y'all this is because, one, I won't be posting during that time, so I hope I don't miss much. But also, I'd like to know if anyone has any Instructable ideas, suggestions, or questions that they'd like me "do" for them during my stay. I figured maybe there was some person that was trapped in-land, but had some ideas for the beach. Well, anyway, thanks!

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zachninme9 years ago
Beach? Beach!?


Its 10 here. oF. Not oC, oC.

This reminds me though how great the F. scale is for me. Here, the coldest day of the year is just under 0, and the hottest is just over 100. It fits nearly perfectly to its intent. (100 was as hot as it got in some English town, and 0 was as cold as it got)
Actually, zero was the coldest Fahrenheit could get with a freezing mixture of ice and salts. He believed nothing was colder, so he started there. He used a variety of "fixed" temperatures to get his scale, some of them quite odd (such as the human armpit).
Ah. I guess I heard the wrong story. From Wikipedia, this was the one I was familiar with:
"Other theories are similar in nature. One states that Fahrenheit established the zero (0 °F) and 96 °F points on his scale by recording the lowest outdoor temperatures he could measure, and his own body temperature. He took the lowest temperature which he measured in the harsh winter of 1708 through 1709 in his hometown of Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland) (−17.8 °C) as his zero point. (He was later able to reach this temperature under laboratory conditions using a mixture of ice, sodium chloride and water.)"
Bran (author)  zachninme9 years ago
Last summer, we hit an all time high of 108 degrees. Celsius.

Nah, just kidding, it was Fahrenheit, but that was in August - There five straight days in December that were in the 80s.

Checking the weather now.....Holy $#!+!!!!!! The waves are 12 footers right now!

For the time I'm spending there, the temperatures are high 50s for the highs and high 30s for the lows.
Noodle939 years ago
How to organize and play beach sports. (Soccer, Cricket, you could probably do baseball.)
How to hunt gooey ducks.
Bran (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
Gooey ducks?
First two pics. They are all over the beaches here (WA).
You have to dig down to get them. If you're not careful you can easily sever them.
Bran (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll9 years ago
This dadgum computer has a block on it - no images from Google - can you give me the direct site link?
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