Beautiful coffee table made from old cart

This coffee table is a great reuse of an old wooden cart. Basically all the wood was replaced and the metal parts were cleaned up to create a pretty stunning piece. Makes me want to take a trip out to Urban Ore and do some digging around.

before & after: drawers + coffee table + bike makeovers

Picture of Beautiful coffee table made from old cart
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looks beautiful
dolabil667 years ago
bethmwl7 years ago
the wheels are sweet!
jdtwelve127 years ago
This is so beautiful, I have no doubt that someone will soon start mass-producing them... I predict it will appear in the Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn catalog by Christmas...sigh.
fungus amungus (author)  jdtwelve127 years ago
They already have it at Restoration Hardware. Found this after someone mentioned it on facebook.

factory cart
Ha!  Well, I am gratified at least that it's not a 100% newly produced item.  The one you posted strikes a much nicer balance between rustic authenticity and contemporary style than the RH one does.
ourmoneypit7 years ago
Very nicely done.  I love seeing industrial things repurposed like this.

Depending on how bad the corrosion was and their access to processes, they may have used sandblasting on the metal, or elbow grease.  I think there's a relatively new process out that causes the rust to precipitate off/out into a solution as well, if I remember rightly.
fungus amungus (author)  ourmoneypit7 years ago
That would be electrolysis.

Here's an example:
That id really beautiful, You can't fault them for replacing the wood, some of that old salvage lumber can have some scary chemical contamination.
Check out the close-up of the wheels, too. Just added a picture of those.
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