Beautiful sculptures made from pencils

Jennifer Maestre makes some insanely cool stuff with colored pencils. The pencils aren't used to create the art, they are a part of it. Sea urchins and fantastical creatures get reimagined as colorful spiky sculptures and to think that she didn't even go to an art school until she was in her 30's.

Check out the interview with Jennifer that has lots of cool new works as well as her own site that has lots of pieces from the past few years.

See more pencil art here.

via Neatorama

Picture of Beautiful sculptures made from pencils
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iq_abyss9 years ago
Totally awesome--wish I had such epic skills.
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
WOW! nuff said
canida9 years ago
Wow, the spikiness is wonderful! The anemone is my favorite.
Mouserz9 years ago
some people have rich imagination :)
Dang... that's insane!
Sunbanks9 years ago
=O Those are awesome!