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zizipo2 years ago

thanks for accepting me looking forward to communicating with you.

andohezouan2 years ago

Great to be here and looking forward to many hours of enjoyment and explorations

missdiane22 years ago
I found what I wanted on here, I plan on visiting this site often ! :)
this site is very intresting. i request to please includein free account in pdf file downloading for student.
Great to be here and looking forward to many hours of enjoyment and explorations
dhunveer4 years ago
Very instructive to join in
peasngravy4 years ago
morning everyone am new to this website and hoping to get a lot of enjoyment out of it...
hello to you all
i am also new
hope this will be a good experience
revillas5 years ago
hello good day to all,,i am a new on this site ..more power to us all
ebortier5 years ago
i like intructacbles.com is very good
is more than a workshop to me well
done good bye
arshadali5 years ago
really instuctable.......................
imbardo5 years ago
i like this site....
thanks for sharing
nicaralph5 years ago
when you are in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua www.parkavenuevillas.com hotel and your dryer belt comes off... Oh what to do? Go to Instructables and read and look at pictures and teach your day man how to do it too. Thanks, for all the good info.
It's amazing that I get to know the best friend of mine: Instructable!
Nice comm. I have alot coming up, see ya don't wanna b ya....have a good day
blogadv6 years ago
I am happy to join this community. can i joint with u?
wow we commented on the same day sooooooo cool.
wat the fruit... *he whacks himself up side the head)..me dumb almost thought that the times didnt match where they were on the board
why cant i get on this web site?
zack2476 years ago
im joining. i absolutely love this site!
:Þ < haha cool
bloggpal6 years ago
Happy to become fan, but i can't do it now because office proxy block facebook...
Roxas136 years ago
Im going in! *Dive!Dive!Dive!* Im joining :Þ to make the tounge like that hold alt and on keypad hit 0222
dsman1952768 years ago
I would, but that would give away my name.
And what can I do with your name?
well, my mom does not want people on the internet to know my name or anything. and on my facebook page it would tell you where i live to.
Well, in the group, it only says your first name. And, as long as your facebook profile is private, noone can see it unless they're your friends.
Or unless your profile gets hacked
didn't thing about that, i made a face book only 2 weeks ago, so i did not really know how that works.
Well, mine is completely private.
you sure? because i can see your entire name.
Really? Oh well. What can you see about my profile?
nothing, and i joined, i have the same picture on face book that i do here, everything is private so i am fine.
Think. They no you are John Smith, but they do not know John Smith Is dsman. JUst don't post your ibles username, and there you go!
Same here.
*cough* fake name and address *cough*
fungus amungus (author)  dsman1952768 years ago
It would only give it away if you used the same picture or put your name in a message. Other than that, you're just one in a crowd.
My name is George Smart so i geuss somebody could link smart with =SMART=
lol, maybe i should change my picture then....
This thing is fun man!!!!!!!
undeadman766 years ago
sign me up.instructables is the only website that tells me how to make led lights onto my guitar hero controler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HEART INSTRUCTABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and if u need my username it's kingmickey76@aol.com :<)
You need to go to Facebook, and become a FAN from there:

Become a Fan of Instructables on Facebook

undeadman766 years ago
sign me up.
undeadman766 years ago
sign me up!!!!!!|
undeadman766 years ago
sign me up
nanasophia6 years ago
great stuff yaar i am an great fan of urs thanks for that >>>>>>>>>>>
made_momo7 years ago
Can i join it.....? Please.....
fungus amungus (author)  made_momo7 years ago
Of course. Is there anything blocking you?
me want join!!! yeeeee!!!!!
Scotish7 years ago
Guys, Find me on F.B, my Name is Edward MacGhee, the pic is of me at Supanova!! *yay*
Stew27 years ago
I'm in too... I love this site!
insructable yes
joenamikas7 years ago
sign me up.....thnx.
manusiaice7 years ago
waaawww this awesome
xACIDITYx8 years ago
I'm a Fan!
fungus amungus (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
All right! Looks like we're up to 18 now
fungus amungus (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
And 43 now. Keep 'em comin'!
fungus amungus (author)  ll.137 years ago
Almost 8k. Getting close to the next binary milestone.
This all went down while I was recovering...but I am definitely there presently
Kiteman8 years ago
Sorry, I don't do Facebook or Bibo or whatever - I have enough trouble keeping up with ordinary emails, and I have too many pupils already there and hunting for staff.
Neither do I.
Neither do I.
Neither do I.
nor me.
Don't let Kiteman fool you, he IS on Facebook : at leas he is now... LOL
I only started it to check up on people who were referring to my projects there, and the site wouldn't let me look at what they said unless I joined.

Now people keep finding me (no, that is not a general invitation!)
Oh sorry, did I make public something you meant to keep under wraps so to speak?
No, just preventing disappointment - I tend to ignore "friends" requests and what-not (unless I already trust the requester).
*cracks knuckles* Thoust ruined my every thread comment by me plot!!
ll.13 Kiteman8 years ago
Sorry, I don't do Facebook or Bebo or whatever

nor me. =) social networking free, and loving it.
Sbusiso7 years ago
onather fan
krunal8007 years ago
one more fan!
can i join face book plz
kevin21277 years ago
hola, alguien tiene tiene el programa de letrero matricial de led con el pic18f2550 ,lo sacaron en la pagina , pero no la encuentro, gracias
apoghee7 years ago
hey lover robot! i'm now your fan!
Hehe, Who can guess at my first name?!
Cindy? Nancy? Chantel? OH, I got it! Helga!
fwjs28 reedz7 years ago
Isn't that illegal? In like, 7 countries? Mr. T.
Josh/ Joshua/ Joshitirollietons.

Oh, wait, that's tetranitrate.

don't forget me. i am a HUGE fan of instructables. YAY GO INSTRUCTABLES ROBOT!!!
fwjs287 years ago
what about an instructables myspace?
fwjs28 fwjs287 years ago
Goodhart7 years ago
I have already had long discussions about Instructables with at least two persons on Facebook, and have linked a number of times to here, from there.
Bartboy7 years ago
Wow. Is this really the most recent/relevant blog post?

tsk tsk tsk
Cavibull7 years ago
i'm a fan as well now!
I am fan
agis687 years ago
I am fan too!!! Iam too in Facebook look for Agis Stratakis Well done Instructable and joiners. I wish for Instructable.com have its first INSTRUCTABEL TV SHOW!!!
Dr.H2O7 years ago
Am a HUGE fan Now !
Sheesh, how did I miss this before today?
Same! I think it was lost, but then someone bumped it.
reedz8 years ago
Woot fandom