Become an Ordained Minister of The First Church of Atheism


Become Ordained

With the First Church of Atheism you can become ordained quickly, easily, and at no cost.

As a legally ordained minister, you will be able to perform weddings, funerals, commitment ceremonies, and other functions that are reserved for members of clergy.

Since its inception, the First Church of Atheism has amassed quite a following around the world. FCA ministers come from all walks of life. They are every race, ethnicity, age, and creed. The one thing binding every FCA minister is his or her belief in science, reason, and reality.

The First Church of Atheism wants you to pursue and cherish your realistic beliefs without interference from any outside agency, including government or church authority. We provide our service for free, as we believe it is every atheists right to perform these clergy functions.

You may become a legally ordained minister for life, without cost, and without question.

Become Ordained

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frenzy7 years ago
This is a total rip off of the OG fake church: Universal Life Church

Personally i'm against all religious beliefs including atheism.
Kiteman frenzy7 years ago
Er... you do know that atheism is an absence of religious belief, don't you?

("Atheism is a religion the way that not collecting stamps is a hobby")
lemonie frenzy7 years ago

A-theism isn't a religious belief, it's a philosophical-position.

Kiteman9 years ago
"Church" and "atheist" are antonyms. If you genuinely wanted to officiate at weddings etc whilst being atheist, you would become a properly-licensed registrar (or the legally-equivalent civil official recognised by the government of your choice).
The problem with that is some places have legislation in place that states that only a judge or religous figure may perfom weddings, and other similar events. All the Church of Atheism is is a method to get around this limitation and allow atheist ministersto perform weddings without spending years working for the government.
DJ Radio9 years ago
This is ironic.

the people are atheists, but they call themselves a church!


TheDeadChemist (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
A church is just a group of people with the same beliefs.
. Nearly every definition of "church" that I find includes religion; usually Christian. Eg: # one of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worship # a place for public (especially Christian) worship... # church service: a service conducted in a house of worship... - # The word church is frequently used to describe a building used for prayer, worship, ... specifically to those for Christian worship. - (building)
I would assume that they are using the word church to gain some sort of financial benefits, like all the televangelists that don't have to pay tax because they're a church, even when the cheques are made payable to them personally.
The Greek word translated "church" in the bible is "ecclesia" (don't know for sure how to spell it in English). It specifically means "called out", though the biblical context pretty much always dictates it to be a group capable of assembly. To call a group of organized atheists a "church" is pretty lame. Is a group of organized doctors a "coven"?
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