I remember seeing a bot (a group of bots) on TechTV many years ago (had to have been... hell how many of you still even remember that great channel) where all the master would have to do is give the first bot directions, and it would just go near the other one (IR or RF) and it would pass on the message. All he did was give one bot the midi file for the star wars theme... and the bots organized themselfs to play the song with different notes divided out. He could basically tell them any command and they would work as a team to figure it out. I don't remember what it was called... they WERE cluster bots... but I thought he called it something like bee-bots or something... I call them zombie bots, because you "infect" one and it spreads it.... They couldn't be THAT hard or THAT expensive to make, after you have the basics down... Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Has anyone developed something like theses?

Have a look at this instructable. They are sort of like what you describe, watch the videos. They are pretty amazing. Dan inserts a module with the commands on it and "injects" its code causing it to spread like a virus until every one has the command and is working on it.
Kiteman9 years ago
They'll have been bee bots (or hive bots?) because they pass the message along, like honey-bees dancing in the hive. I doubt there will be anything like that on 'ibles (yet) - that is cutting-edge co-operative programming.
teamcoltra (author) 9 years ago