Beer Tab Chainmail armor

 Looks like someone took the chainmaille Instructable to a whole new level with this bit of armor made from a ton of beer tabs. He even managed to get yellow and green tabs to add a design to it. Great job!


Picture of Beer Tab Chainmail armor
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wow that's a lott lol I only have this manny.
looks like a chain mail bikini top ryte now
CameronSS8 years ago
Still working on making a necktie out of pop tabs. It's hard to keep a narrow strip lying flat, but coming along well. Slideshow when I finish the darned thing. :D
Have you finished the necktie yet? A friend's son wants one in the worst way...
Kiteman8 years ago
That looks cool, but doesn't he realise how little protection he would have in an actual football match?

One heavy tackle, he's toast!

... at least, according to Roy Smith...
yes but..... it looks BLOODY AWESOME!
A fan is a fan, and he doesn't care about protection. (I mean a beer fan.) XD
Yah, besides, there's a different Instructable about protection.
Bah, I came here to say that ;-)
n8man8 years ago
 Still working on my chainmail, though I do not know what I am doing with it yet.
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