Being Witty !

Wittyness eh?

Its a type of intulectual humor. You have to be sharp, quick and say the funny remark at the right time! They say its charming, and people notice that about you.....eventually*.

I absoloutly LOVE IT.

I can be witty.....
But only with my friends. Generally im comfortable around them. But I can't use my wit with new people i meet, or people i don't know very well. : (
Mostly im to slow, or i can't think of any remarks to make. ( any that i think are funny)

What do you guys think? any tips?

I know some of you on instructables are witty and have smart humour,......i can tell from your comments. Lol.

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Goodhart10 years ago
question then, is someone that is not witty...... witless ?
That's a Philly Cheesesteak...wit or wit out
That's jut TOO cheesy LOL
You are a whiz at that.
Only if I drink too much water ;-)
Then you would be drunk.

By the way, calling someone in Chinese (sui nao,water on the brain) means there is a screw loose. Dian nao,electric brain on the other hand means computer.
Ni hao!
not so much drunk as water logged; even though I have never been logging
But you are logged on...I rest my caseI know where this is going...
I had to take that log off the fire, it got too warm ;-)

And what kind of case did you rest? Violin, Cello, attache`? ;-)
fooled ya didn't I ? LOL
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