Believers: Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Etc.- Why DO you believe in God?

Ok believers, I want to know why! WHy do you believe in God/YHWH/Allah/Gods/a Creator? This is not a debate/argument forum. I'm just interested in what got you where you are today (as far as your belief system goes). Note: Atheist, Agnostics, Skeptics- Please do not turn this into a debate. Don't dispute the "why" of someones faith. If you have sincere questions about what someone believes, or how they came to that conclusion, feel free to ask! If you mostly just want to state YOUR case, then go to my other "Why DON"T you believe forum". THanks.

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JohnJY7 years ago
When I see the incredible things in the world. To the vast, never ending cosmos, to the fresh dew on the grass in the morning, I don't see a simple scientific solution to it all. I see what God has given me.
ChrysN JohnJY7 years ago
Nicely put!
JohnJY ChrysN7 years ago
Thank you! And you know what, I just got saved today too!
skunkbait (author)  JohnJY7 years ago
AWESOME!! Be careful though. Sometimes Satan seems to work harder to get a person once they are saved. Make sure you hang in there, and never quit growing in faith.
Thank you for your words of encouragement! I have my church, my friends, and family who will support me. And even people like you who give advice. As a Christian, I see things so much more clearly. I feel whole!
skunkbait (author)  JohnJY7 years ago
That's so great! Make sure that you lean on other, more experienced believers, as you grow. Nobody (that I know at least) is right about EVERYTHING, but sincere-mature CHristians will be glad to help you with any "bumps in the road". Take their advice, and check it against what scripture says. If you do that, it's hard to go astray. And be VERY mindful, that as you grow (and struggle a bit as we all do at times), there are likely others watching you, and possibly immitating your example.
MrSillyGuns7 years ago
Hmm that's a good question and i honestly am still 50/50 in my faith. Sometimes i don't know if God is there or not and it helps to think that i have a bit of protection with me with God but In all honesty idk if i believe yet
skunkbait (author)  MrSillyGuns7 years ago
Most believers see at least some "evidences" of God in the world around them. Also, there are some pretty good historical events (even ones chronicled by unbelievers), that in my opinion point to the existence of a God. That being said, "faith" is still just that - FAITH. There are certain things we believe because others tell us, and it seems to be true, so we accept it. That's OK. But at least most Christians would tell you that to have "a personal experience with God", one must "make a leap of faith". And in my experience that is true. Those that sincerely seek Him (even with just a little faith), are often pleasantly surprised at the results, and consequently develope a deeper faith.
Goodhart8 years ago
I don't know why I didn't see this earlier (and therefore reply to it), sorry about that.

My history is a little more involved read complicated and so to explain it best, I will need to burn a bit of space here.

I remember when I was but 12 years old. About to turn 13, and my parents were still "shuffling me to church", but at the time, I was becoming disenchanted with most of it, especially the questions that the man in charge could not answer for me. In my 13th year, I decided my life was not what a loving God would allow any person to live, and gave up on the whole idea.
I studied science; physics, chemistry, biology, etc. some through school, but a lot from books. Eventually, I found too many contingencies in the biological world to explain off as coincidence. But there was no way I would believe the pack of contradictions I was raised, what's to do?
I started on crash courses in beliefs; weighing them one by one, and discarding those that did not meet with a set standard I had developed.

I ran out of major religions fairly fast. Then I thought, maybe the church I went to was wrong, and they didn't understand (at least, from my point of view), so I started looking at the Book, on my own.
And from there, I developed a strange understanding that hold today. It incorporates none of the "myths" I had encountered along the way, and yet, still held true to the book. I was still not a believer, but I was now nearly 16. I was sitting at the lunch table at school, discussing a point of Scripture with another student, and a friend of mine (who had never before spoken about the Bible to me, sat down beside me, and started to defend my idea.. Shocked, as I thought no one I had ever come in contact with, had these same ideas. The fact that a fairly major church, one that I had missed in my earlier search, held the same beliefs, shocked me to no end. Later, I would find a myriad of little churches that understood the same thing too, but all of them too, were independent of the church I was about to become involved with for a few years.
I have had too many, way too many indicators that I was on the right track from that point on, to not believe.
ll.139 years ago
This is not a debate/argument forum
Please do not turn this into a debate. Don't dispute the "why" of someones faith

You do know people can't read "do not debate here"? =D
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