Below Barrel Pistol Concept (BBPC)

Hi guys!

This is my new pistol concept! Its mechanism is actually pretty simple, and I have tried it once, and it actually works! Let me explain how it works: As the bullets (in this case white rods) are pushed up the guide (see picture below, it is named "bottom of loading") they are shoved up against the trigger. When you pull back the FP (Firing Pin), and it locks into position, this pushes the trigger up, pulling the first bullet go up into the chamber. When you pull the trigger, the bullet is shot out the barrel, and the next round is ready to go into the chamber. Repeat until your out of rounds.

What do you guys think?

~The Red Book of  Westmarch~

P.S. The image was made on paint.

Picture of Below Barrel Pistol Concept (BBPC)
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It is a lot like a French semiauto.
Yes there is a French semi auto the firearms safety course here uses to demonstrate the importance of knowing your firearm.
In most guns when the breach is open the gun is safe.
In this gun when the breach is open the gun is cocked.
When you pull the trigger the breach and the firing pin comes forward chambering a round and firing it.
Then the breach opens cocking the gun for the next shot.
The bullets stay in the magazine until the bolt and the firing pin comes forward.
Do you like guns. (Yes, I know, late comment).
Before I lost my eyesight I was a sniper class shooter, I sold my M9130 sniper rifle and other guns along with my reloading equipment since I couldn’t use them safely.
Wow, that is really to bad. I am a gun enthusiast, and when ever I get the chance to shoot, I do so. Popping 9mm rounds into a target is really one of the joys in life, and I really cannot imagine losing my eyesight. Are you totally blind or are you just "semi-blind?" My dad is considering buying a FNH PS90, and I am totally excited. He has been wanting to buy a AR-15/ 5.56 round shooting gun for a long time.
Total loss of central vision in left eye slowly losing right so I am visually impaired, I have Wet Macular Degeneration so I have total blindness to look forward to in the future. I miss hunting, that is one nice piece the FNH PS90 not legal in Canada though to short.
Ah man, that really is too bad. I would be VERY unhappy,. but that is the love of life from a young man. I don't know how you feel, but I am sure you must be bummed. Yeah, the FNH PS90 is a fantastic gun, but it is kinda pricey. I hope that that gun law in congress won't pass. I wish the UN would keep their ugly face out of other countries businesses. I am a speech and debate student, and this year, we are debating on the UN.
FNH PS90.jpeg
The UN a garter snake to a cobra scares little girls but has no bite.

oh hell yes we can bite

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