Best Brawl Character

evry 1 knows about brawl! and it is impossible to know which character is better... UNTIL NOW! Send in Your Vote to See which is the Best Brawl Character!

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dude deffinantly kirby if ur playing someone better than u. just suck them in and walk off the edge lol. but i like snake alot. his mines are awesome
RokuXIII9 years ago
Marth(a), Ike, Yoshi.
Is it just me or does Yoshi look like he is having a heart attack in this picture.
An Villain7 years ago
Lucario/Falco, canned awesomesauce.
FireBalls7 years ago
sjo2327 years ago
HeyJD7 years ago
Kirby is alright... for starters! He's quite weak too. I like lucario! He can stick to walls for ages.... WAOH LOOK Mew is in that picture! I want to play as him.
sooo kirby
qwerty298 years ago
snake and peach!
tomonto9 years ago
master chief
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