Best Camp Pranks

I am going to summer camp for 10 days, and I need the best dang pranks you guys can think of. I dont care what it is, just tell me.

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franckid241 year ago

overnight we put toothpaste in the eyes and put pepper in the hand

Svod.1 year ago

Well I uprooted a tree and planted it in their cabin...

I know that the camp is over

But you most likely take buses to the camp I just say clean wrap the bus on the last day or just clean wrap someone's tent

SophieJ41 year ago
EthanS112 years ago
EthanS112 years ago

put mud on someones sleeping bag people will say you pooped!!

put shaving cream under there heads when they sleep

morganh2164 years ago
I go to a church camp too, and we like to pranks the guys. So last year, we stayed up un till we knew they were asleep and we put wood against the doors, we saran wraped the hole capin and put stuff in front of the windows. And finally we tee-peed their cabin. Anyways its a fun non-harmful prank.

P.S. In the morning at breakfast they said good job to us and they cleaned in up all by their selves!
what church camp? i go to camp morrow
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