Best Electronics Kits For Adults

There's an excellent thread over on Slashdot ( yeah - who knew, right?) about electronic kits for adults. *Lots of great suggestions and links - check it out!

Best Electronics Kits For Adults?
Posted by kdawson on Friday June 20, @10:19AM
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An anonymous reader writes
"I'm an adult looking to learn how electronics work and have some fun building projects. But all the kits I've found online are for kids 8-10 years old, and they don't really explain the principles - they just color-code where to place components on boards. Are there any kits aimed at adults? I know if anyone has got the answer, it's this community."

Here's a short selection of good links - many more to be found in the Slashdot thread itself:

HeathKit and Velleman - The classics, but mostly mentioned as an example of the "not aimed at adults" or the "not as good as they used to be" category

Quasar Electronics 200-in-1- 200 projects in one kit!

MakerShed - bunch of cool projects, many of which you've seen here at Instructables!

Electronics Learning Lab Designed by Forrest Mims and sold by radio shack.

What is a Microcontroller - Another "exception to the rule" good Radio shack kit.

Ramsey Electronics - Including some nice radio transmitter kits

AdaFruit - Including the MintyBoost USB charger and Arduino kits.

Nerdkit - For microcontroller and real-world/computer interaction.

One other common recommendation is "You're an adult, you don't need to put up with big brightly colored components and "put tab A in slot B" diagrams - make your own kit!"

US Navy Electricity & Electronics Training Series (NEETS) - All the practical electronics training you could want, in a free online PDF book format.

Lessons In Electric Circuits - A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics.

Sparkfun tutorials - Dozens of cool projects and tutorials from a major parts supplier.

Getting Started in Electronics - By Forrrest Mims; cited by several readers as the de-facto standard for learning electronics.

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AlK66 months ago

Make: Electronics Second Edition by Charles Platt is the Amazon #1 best seller in Science Experiments category and it is written for adults that are newly learning electronics. I found it fun and you can get kits with all of the components for it on Amazon too. Make: Electronics Second Edition Component Packs

gurpawan6 months ago

Well, here is the most recently launched DIY Kit on Amazon by Mand Labs (www.mandlabs.com) that comes with digital curriculum including, videos, step by step building instructions and paper-back books. You might want to check out the website. Only limited stock is available on amazon, tindie and educents.


I am surprised no one has mentioned National Instruments MyDaq. http://www.ni.com/mydaq/

liyawei1 year ago

very useful resources, thank you

TracyO12 years ago

These kits are easy to use no programming or soldering but covers a lot of electronics. RealCircuits.com

vsvu2 years ago

For people searching electronic project kits online, Found error free and 100% output ready built electronic project kits. India's first online electronic project kits shopping site.

billhynes762 years ago

I'm an IT professional who wanted to learn more about electronics, and I also ran into the same issue of most options out there being for kids. I found a great Tesla coil kit that's at a good level for adults, called oneTesla (see http://onetesla.com). Though it's an advanced kit, I found the it quite approachable, and fun to build as well as very instructional. The documentation is thorough (http://onetesla.com/oneTesla_User_Manual.pdf) and steps you through everything from basic theory to construction steps and troubleshooting. Even if you don't build the kit the manual is very much worth a read.

Good luck all. --Bill

ok1cdj2 years ago

Check the new inovative kit: http://igg.me/at/electra/x/5757581

great list with advanced robotic kits with high perspectives to be used in education or research projects
Great one there. For anyone in Search of useful info on great and exclusive higher education in Nigeria, visit http://www.unn.edu.ng/
Tbus3 years ago
CIE Bookstore has an electronics training course in Basic Electronics aimed at the beginner. It includes a kit as the final project.
phenoptix3 years ago
We have some good kits at www.phenoptix.com - some from the sources above too. Apologies that the first comment I've put on in some time is one with a link to our store in it!
ramd7863 years ago
Very good site, check out for more information on electronics kits on my site
mbrickley4 years ago
Look at our range of kits specifically aimed at adults, we love them and think you will too: www.mintygeek.com!
ajoyraman4 years ago
I would like this forum to consider my solution which is a Teaching Aid for basic Electronics that can be built as part of the learning process:

Check Out:


I would appreciate your feedback
joe8 years ago
Thanks for the link, realyl helpful

I am also a huge fan of a book that I learned a ton about electronics from called Robot Building for Beginners by David Cook amazon It is an amazing primer on electronics that you happen to come out with a robot when your done. Can't say enough good stuff about this book, and you can buy the kit to build the robot from solarbotics.com

The What is a Microcontroller kit is a great starter from Parallax. I bought it a few years back and it got me up to speed on working with the BS2 quickly. Parallax is nice since all of the books are available as free PDFs online. So once you have a bs2 (going cheap on ebay now...) you cna continue to learn for free.

pwnz328 years ago
I think I might just buy that "getting started in electric circuits book"
Patrik (author) 8 years ago
Added a bunch of the links from the thread...
Thanks for linking to that. There are a lot of good resources in that topic. :D