Best Knex Motor?

i'm wanting to know which k'nex motors do you consider the Most Versatile and/or have the most torque or speed. i'm looking to ebay one and would like to know which to buy. The Blue ones (see first image) or the wired Clear ones(2nd image). Thanks in advance.

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floris2burn7 years ago
You might considder the 12V motor, it's not wireless, but at least it doesn't eat your batteries. And it's pretty strong aswell.
chevy627 years ago
i my opion i like the green motor that comes with a roller coster and biult a race truck and put it it in to high gearing for the top end or top speed. the black motor and torgue. if you need one bad buy the green because it is the best because i test it because me my two friends and one other person race them down a aspahut drive way and the green motor has been wining pluse beating the other types of motors that we have. and pluse are you raceing them or up hill climp just wondering.
heat-seeker8 years ago
try cyber knex
am_gers2k78 years ago
The Blue is the slowest but has the most tourque but I am not sure about the clear one
yerjoking8 years ago
Is the clear one any good?
black burnout dragster motor
rexdino59 years ago
Is that right since I had the blue one but I lost one and I might order the clear one at knex. Plz answer
rexdino59 years ago
SO guys you guys are pretty much saying that the clear motor is better?
dsman1952769 years ago
all terrain trekker motor.
Thats a good one. Its one of the few I have.
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