Best Material to Use in Toy Manufacturing with 3D Printer

I don't really have any background in manufacturing toys but a guy in my warehouse is trying to create some prototypes on the side for a line of figures. He compares them to these Monsters in My Pocket toys:


And these Muscle Men:


They look like they're made of rubber. I was wondering what material you'd suggest for creating durable prototypes of similarly sized and shaped figurines? 

PlasticPanama (author) 1 year ago

Thanks, Caitlinsdad. Do you know whether Ninjaflex is PE or PP based?


Not sure, best to contact a supplier as I only have seen projects made from it.

PlasticPanama (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago

Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

Look into "ninjaflex filament" to use in the 3D printer. This material is flexible unlike the rigid PLA and ABS plastic standard filament. Good luck.