Best Nintendo DS Games

What are the best games for the Nintendo DS?

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Phoenix wright any of them Burnout DS Mario cart Resident evil dead silence DS
i had a awesome idea: half-life on the ds. then i wouldnt have to go to my cousins or stay home to play it!
they have that in homwbrew already. its a fan made game.
oh yeah Burnout wuz the second game ( and last game ) i bought
Mudbud7 years ago
I have an R4i for my dsi xl but I DONT download illegal games.... instead ive been in creating homebrew for the ds instead. Ive made some awesome games with DSGM
weirdo628 years ago
any Call of Duty games for DS. I currently only own Modern Warfare 1 (I think ther is a two out now).
you should buy a r4 card or something then you doný have t obuy games.
dombeef Merugop7 years ago
That is illegal
Merugop dombeef7 years ago
yup but no one cares, best games are Ace attorney Advance wars Gta CtW and Mariio Kart...... and Mario Party (Or sumthing) when you play local
dombeef Merugop7 years ago
yeah, but because you just said that, someone who is with the government could ask the instructables team for your ip address and you could goto jail for a long time
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