Best Oodammo Pistol Nominations *read or dont' reply*

Alright so I wanted to settle this very simply. Our good buddy Knex lover is willing to build quite a few oodammo pistols, test them personally, and then do a quick, short review of all of them.
The process is simple. The MeZak is pretty much a given so I'm going to just put that on the list right away. The next few guns will be chosen by you, the knexers.
Nominate any oodammo pistol you wish as long as you give a fair reason for why. You may choose a couple if you wish. Anyone who nominates their own weapon must also pick another as well. They do not have to be posted yet as long as they will be eventually. 3 nominations are required to get on the list. The 5 with the most nominations will be selected.

1. MeZak
2. TBOS (5)
3. OodAst 3.6 (3)
4. Jamoodassault (3)
5. EAP (3)

Picture of Best Oodammo Pistol Nominations *read or dont' reply*
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cj814997 years ago
what is a Jamoodassault?
Why does TD allow unposted guns with pictures in?  Knex_lover can't just build a gun from one pic.
TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
He managed my oodassault 3.6. He managed my BAW with a couple extra. He managed quite a few other guns I'm sure. If he's stuck I'm sure he'll get some help. As for Jammy's gun I heard from him that it's still not fully operational so it might be ditched if he doesn't hurry up and fix it soon.
I got it working with removeable mags, I might post but I have a feeling it might not be worth it. My next one will have the idea which we discussed on MSN ;)
Those guns are rather simple and you can use other posted guns as reference. 
travw cj814997 years ago
It's on the last step of Jammy's latest 'ible.
travw7 years ago
Contest completed.

(It isn't on the boards yet.)
travw travw7 years ago
cj814997 years ago
jackal v4
travw cj814997 years ago
The list is final.
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