Best PSP GAmes

What is the best PSP games? I just got a psp and would like to know what games are good.

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PSP Guru9 years ago
I own these games and there so totally awesome: Ape Academy Ape Academy 2 Ridge Racer Ridge Racer 2 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix Moto Gp Tekken: Dark Resurrection Ricky Ponting Pressure Play These are my Favourite..... So I use my PSP for games
Steamdnt9 years ago
Daxter by far the Best Game EVER! It's good enough that I would go on every forum on the internet and post best game ever on every Daxter post, Just kidding, but seriously
Farewell88s (author) 9 years ago
I just got Need for Speed CARBON and its pritty frickin awesome . .
whatsisface9 years ago
I don't know anyone who bought the PSP for games.
Farewell88s (author)  whatsisface9 years ago
What do you mean?
Everyone I know with a PSP never uses it for games. They use them mainly for homebrew or web browsing.
yes... I buy the games... ;) LocoRoco! Nooiiiii!!!!
LocoRoco Kicks A## !!!!!
xACIDITYx9 years ago
God of war: Chains of olympus Medal of honor: Heroes Patapon Daxter Syphon Filter Logans Shadow Syphon Filter Combat ops (get on the PlaystationNetwork) Those are MY personal favorites.