Best Pick Up Lines

Hi, Please share your funny/corny pick up lines on this forum. Thanks Joe 1.If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together. That one was lame but i want to here yours.

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VerendusVir4 years ago
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I have a gun,
Get in the van.
ilpug4 years ago
Hey, didja know im a medical marvel? i dont have heart, you took it!

Are you a meteorologist? because i need something to talk about to keep myself distracted from your body, but all i can think of is weather.

Are you a mathemetician? lets subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and hope we don't multiply.
monsterlego4 years ago
Get in the van.
kingmik7 years ago
i'm mad everyone have a pick up line besides me i usaully joke around with the gurl show my muscles or when she bought to by something throw a big bill at the cash register like 20 and up but l8ly dollar bills worked. usally get a corny joke like where i came from the strip club
XValentine8 years ago
una fiesta en mi pantalones (i think everyone can translate that .)
nice legs.... when do they open? (knock knock) "who's there?" (when where) "when where who?" (me, you, now)
joejoerowley (author)  super_genius8 years ago
Haha nice!
thanks.. i actually thought of both of those on my own. i know they might seem slightly inappropriate.. but there are such worse ones..
1 i heard this from Fresh Prince man, god must have been havin a good day when he made a fine chick like you 2 i just know this one from somewhere your legs must be tired cause you been running through my mind all day those might be the other way around.
Are you from heaven? Cuz i have a boner
I'd want to start that one with just the lead-in line from a really cliched line- so "Is your dad a thief?", or "Your legs must be tired", or "Did it hurt?", or, y'know, "Polar bear!". Just because it's fun to mess with preconceptions. I have a quick-witted friend who overheard some guy say to his female friend "I like my women the way I like my coffee", and he immediately responded "What, freshly roasted? Ground up and in the freezer? No, wait, with a spoon in? I know- bought from a bolivian farmer for £4.00 a kilogram?" By the time he finished the girl was nearly wetting herself laughing and the guy was fuming... a cautionary tale about the dangers of chat up lines.
joejoerowley (author)  PKM8 years ago
haha! Thats funny!
joejoerowley (author)  Labot20018 years ago
i know. just imagine saying that some really hot chick.
yeah... but some things are best left for imagination rather than real life. :]
hey, does this rag smell like chloroform?
joejoerowley (author)  csharpdeveloper8 years ago
wow, thats not creepy :)
yeah, i just read it!
Ever handled a +10 Vorpal Blade?
I just snorted. I think yours warrants as many blank stares as mine does.
You served as my muse... BTW we all seem to have forgotten the true nerd pickup line A/S/L?
LOL Amen!
If you could be anything in the world what would it be? I would be your tear... born in your eyes... live on your cheek. and die on your lips
jdege8 years ago
The most unsuccessful one I ever heard tried:

Hey, Babe! I got gonnorhea! Want some?
dsman1952768 years ago
is it hot in here or is it just you? I need sunglasses because I am blinded by your beauty
Hey baby, let's go back to my airship and pretend you're a chocobo! ...black stares ensue.
I've got a long list of strange/funny ones from various jokes made with girls im picking up, strangely they always know which one's are jokes. Oh Whammy (just walked up, and I love the word) Can I have my thoughts back, I only have you now (heard that one as a serious one to my friend, she laughed turned round and waited for him to go) Hi, Nice to meet you, I'm god and I'm afraid you'll have to come back to heaven, the angels miss you Sorry can you pick that up, what?, my jaw It took me ages to get over here, you made my knees weak I have others but those are just the dumb ones off the top of my head.
guyfrom7up8 years ago
lol, I was doing this in the other forum, so was astrozombie
joejoerowley (author)  guyfrom7up8 years ago
Yeah I know. I feel sorry for the kid. He asks for advice and all we can do is give his pick up lines that funny.
How about: Hi ! How are you ? (maybe even add if you have seen her before) you sure look nice today. (then smile).
ooh ooh!classic!.....howyoudoin?
Danny8 years ago
Aren't you tired yet? youve been running through my mind all day. Did it hurt? What? When you fell from heaven...
Juklop8 years ago
Hey! Nice shoes-- let's f*ck.
zachninme8 years ago
"So, how do you like this pickup line?" The girls love self-reference ;-)
joejoerowley (author)  zachninme8 years ago
good, very good and so true.
Pat Sowers8 years ago
Is your dad a baker because you got some sweet buns?
joejoerowley (author)  Pat Sowers8 years ago
thats great man!
im hungry for some sweet buns now..... yuummmmm!
Pat Sowers8 years ago
If i followed you home would you keep me?
joejoerowley (author)  Pat Sowers8 years ago
Dude that nice!
i have used this one before and it worked!
me-your well fit!Got any irish in ya? some bird-No, I hav'ent me- doya want sum?(I'am half irish)
joejoerowley (author)  Mr Slippy Fist8 years ago
haha! Thats a good one.
cheers, actually worked for me(once)coz it made her laugh, thats all you gotta do, be funny.
Jackhole8 years ago
Smile if you want to sleep with me. My personal favorite, it works on anyone, unless you're quite scary looking, then they'll probably run away...
joejoerowley (author)  Jackhole8 years ago
thats funny. I like it.