Best Roadkill?

Not squashed squirrels or a mangled moose, but useful stuff. Let me explain:

I was driving along and there was a bright yellow thing in the gutter. It turned out to be one of those hanging crane controls, with a couple of metres of cable attached. She Who Must Be Obeyed wouldn't let me stop and collect it in her car, when I went back later in my car it was gone. Shame.

What's the best stuff you have found lying dead in the street?

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crapflinger6 years ago
i was once driving the wife's car and there was an entire set of 2 piece off road locking rims don't remember the brand, but they were still boxed (i pulled over and eyeballed the things they were nice) but there was no way i could get all 4 in her car so i sped home to get my truck. they were gone when i came back
bg_askins6 years ago
lets see....... 3 ladders, a drill press(5ft), a box of welding rods, wheel barrel, bike and an unscratced lottery ticket (won $15)
Easy Button10 years ago
once i saw and old tv but my mom wouldnt let me pick it up
:-) I got a TV once. Nearly fried my butt too. When it wouldn't come on (the picture) despite the normal "crinkly" sound they make, I opened the back, and started testing the HV power supply. Um, never do that while it is plugged in. I nearly melted through a screwdriver that had a half inch shank on it. Thankfully, the handle was a good 2.5 inches thick, or I could have become a Ghost toasty. The wife, in the next room saw the tv picture she was watching jump and flutter (apparently I generated a odd transmissions with my little HV "short"). The best thing I ever saw on the road, I didn't get to retrieve though. I was on the highway, and a pickup truck pulled off onto the off ramp, and his back axle dropped off. I would have loved to have that trans-axle, but he dumped it into his truck with the help of some buddies, and called for assistance. Oh well, you can't win them every now and then would be nice though ;-)
pyro1310 years ago
Things i didn't pick up:
One pair old underwear
Beer Bottle
Shredded Dollar Bill (who would shred money?)
One Sock
An Unmatched Pair of Shoes
A Towel
Things i did pick up:
Old lighter
2 Ft. long section of copper pipe
Street sweeper bristles
Old file
Just about everything in my neighborhood that isnt nailed down or on someones property =D
Vendigroth10 years ago
My theory is that if people put it in a skip, or abandon it somewhere, they don't mind if it goes missing, because they've intentionally got rid of it, so if anyone else (me) takes it, it's all the same to them. Similarly, if they don't nail it down, or station a guard near it, they don't mind it disappearing, because they're not making any great effort to keep it. If they DID nail it down, i'd take the nails as well, but that's just my constant low-level kleptomania. I've had bits of scrap metal, a screwdriver, CDs, various coinage, not all of it british, not all of it current. A penny with Queen Victoria on it, FGS. As for the stuff i've persuaded people to let go of, the list's too long...
rc jedi10 years ago
the jeep was left behind by next door moveoutinthedeadofnight. It didn't work due to battery worn out. this 1 had 2 motors, 1 for each rear wheel. lots of power.
rc jedi10 years ago
Found this jeep toy, added a garden tractor battery for $20 from walmart to power it as the original batt was bad. Repainted it to look military as it was a "Harley" jeep theme and stickers were peeling. the kids loved it and the batt lasted for many days between charges.
angie 024.jpg
lemonie10 years ago
My mate is a skip-rat...
Burned motorbike by the canal, motorbike in the canal (not able to get it out though...) another motorbike, mucky-video, mucky-negatives, big monitor, wheelbarrows etc.

Me, nothing really worth picking up that I remember.

> skip-rat . Around where I live, they're called "dumpster divers." Dumpster diving is a Redneck Olympics event. :)
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