Best and Favorite Knex Creations

I have been using knex probably for over 10 years and I have built a ton of different weopons and things but a fwew stick out. I do love my new transformers but my best work was a wearable mech suit. The boots could hold over 200 lbs and covered the whole body. My favorite was an AT-AT from starwars where if you hit the underbelly of the walker the head falls off and it drops to the floor like the movie one. I want to know people Best and favorite knex creations over the years.

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ferrari4848 years ago
why did you never post your real and best knex transformers you have made
glitched9700 (author)  ferrari4848 years ago
I could post some of my trasnformers. I just wish I took pictures of some of the things I built growing up. I built so many crazy things.
But any way your transformers are great.
I made a spectacular knex pinball machine a while back (long before I came to 'ibles). I got a picture of it, but the photo kinda sucks...
glitched9700 (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
wast that a set? I could of sworn I got that set a long time ago but didn't end up keeping it.
It was not a set... I made it up myself. There was a pinball machine set however, though it looked not so high in quality.
Does to me!
Really? It looked like a lot of.. paper. I never got it, so I would not know really, I guess.
The playing surface was made of paper, not knex.
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