Best and Worst Television Show of All Time?

I saw the other forums and I decided to create this one. What do you think is the best show of all time? What do you think is the worst show of all time? Why?

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CheapToad6 years ago
+1 for Mythbusters

any "reality" show
Bushie6 years ago
While most of these shows listed so far are also among my favourites, I consider one series still stands head and shoulders above the rest as the "best" TV show to date:

Northern Exposure...
Saturn V7 years ago
The Best:
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Monty Python's Flying Circus

The Worst:
The Gates
Jersy Shore
The Bacholor
The Batcholorette
The Biggest Loser
Hell's Kitchen
American idol
Dancing with the Stars
Adventure Time
Hannah Montana
Last, and certanly least, Vampire Diaries
Adventure Time is incredibly awesome. Rhombus!
craftyv6 years ago
Time Team . No longer on Aussie TV. (Loved it)
Grand Designs. (as above)
Wallace & Grommet's World Inventions
Any show that shows how things were designed/made.
Sovereignty7 years ago
Both best 'and' worst --Saved by the Bell. Like watching a train wreck.
sugg2210 years ago
TV is evil. but King of the Hill is the best series
best Simpson's Woodwrights shop Nature Worst American Bandstand This Old House Beyond 2000
Patrik10 years ago
Since it is obvious that the best television is British television, the British Film Institute's list of 100 Greatest British Television Programmes also suggests:

- Fawlty Towers, 1975-1979
- Doctor Who, 1963-1989, 1996, 2005-Present
- Monty Python's Flying Circus, 1969-1974
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