Best glue to use for papercraft / How to use Resin?

Ok, im working on a new project - hopefull i intend to contract a papercraft model, but then use the papercraft model to cast a resin version. Firstly, i need to know what the best glue is to use on the papercraft section and secondly, ive never used resin, ever. so any help advice on how to use resin, and also where to get it from would be great! ps i am uk based. but will order from else where if its cheap enough.

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Doom2you9 years ago
hope it comes out well! And personally (if you find it) I use Elmer's papercraft glue, i find it pretty helpfull. And if you're lookin' for a cool model, I suggest the TF2 sentry. just type it in on Google Images. Good luck!
Kiteman9 years ago
For papercraft, I usually use "Pritt" branded glue-sticks, or small amounts of PVA craft glue. Press joints firmly and give them time to dry. As for the resin, all I can offer is that maybe your paper model should be varnished, or otherwise treated to stop the resin soaking in to the model?
gmjhowe (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
hey, thanks for the response, i had figured that pva would be my best bet, im going to use 350gsm card, which im going to digitally print at work. i think a layer of pva glue on the inside mite do the job.the only thing is, the cost of the resin, is about the same as it costs to buy an official resin kit!
gmjhowe (author) 9 years ago
oh, btw, the project im working on is a 'sci-fi rifle'