Best knex assault rifle

What is the best all around knex assualt rifle? I only have enough peices to make a Z35, so I need a gun with around that peice count.

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rec0n (author) 7 years ago
Which one shoots farther, the zkar v2 or the tr 18?
~KGB~ rec0n7 years ago
i got the zkar further....
Mine never worked. Whenever I pulled the bolt back, it was fine. When I pushed it forward, the bullet plopped out of the barrel...
The ram never hit the bullet and the bullet lock stopped the bullet from coming out of the barrel. (when it didn't plop out)
DJ Radio rec0n7 years ago
The TR shoots farther and has higher capacity but ZKAR has faster ROF and better reload times.
Slide action tr kills all other guns in ROF. I know from experiance.
I'm building a TR where you pull the handle back to pull the pin back. It should get the same ROF as the ZKAR, if I can get the trigger working right.
Like BakenBitz's, right?
Actually, I'm building Mepain's version.
Mepain made a custom tr-18? Where can I find it?
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