Best knex gun designer of the year award

What are the best designs in knex guns, who made them? Well I wanna find out who you guys think is the best designer. I actually think the best designer is killerk.Here are the people you can vote for: Mepain Killerk You Danny Bunduk Flie-ing Goose(did I do that right?) Gamer5 Ooulumps emperar Perfect Duck Loosewire Quincy85 wrestler(I dont think I did that one right Smigde (your name here) Ipodkiller shadow 64 You can vote twice .The winner will recieve the pride in being the best designer lol.So no real prizes, just the happiness.

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smidge14710 years ago
lol im only good for the mechanical parts of guns and not the design :(

video doesnt work.
another knex epic failure
Wicky tech-king9 years ago
I think video's get deleted from Youtube if they are not watched enough, or when they are too old...notice that comment was posted Jul 30, 2007. 7:23 PM
is that the osnjckma2?
You missed the Knex God, dsman 1
...(WAHOO, YAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY*people in room stare*)...
That list is outdated, so "Knex Gods" that joined after this topic was made(9 months ago) aren't listed :o
TheDunkis9 years ago
man I can't wait to get on this list but obvisouly that will be awhile expecially if I continue at the rate I'm going. Honestly guys do I have a chance (not now obviously but in the future) if I continue to make a lot of good replicas of real guns. I'll try inventing some sort of new mechs too but I'm not much of a mech guy as I am a designer (from reading smidge's post below we could end up teaming up well...) As for my votes well...I don't know honestly who to vote for.
daz1089 years ago
dude the 2 best people arnt her BAKENBITZ THE BURITO MASTER
bakenbitz is not the best, and also this post was 9 MONTHS AGO THEY WEREN'T HERE YET.
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