Best knex gun

In your opinion what is the best gun judging by: *loading* *power* and *ease of use* Thank you!

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kelin88 years ago
ti`s donkykong no knex gun
TheDunkis9 years ago
well by other stat's I'm planning on making a very good gun with the help of dsman as he has an idea on slowing down the rubberband firing mech that i used a couple times. Power-It will use rubberbands of course but there will be quite a few different spots to place the rubberbands depending on how stretchy they are or for just customizing power although expecially seeing how i'll probably use connectors it won't be super powerful like a sniper but as powerful as you can make it... Accuracy-Honestly I'm not sure how well I'll do here but it should be completly accurate horizonatally just not vertically...if it's like my STG44 then it will have an "arc shot" so that it fires slightly upward in an arc for a longer distance Magazine-I'll make another easy to detach magazine that will hopefully hold a good amount of ammo but also should hold a little extra when loaded directly into the gun. Shooting options-If dsman is able to come through for me then it should have a full auto option with no worries...hopefully otherwise it will still be semi auto with a big burst option. Looks-I'll most likely base it off of some cool looking assault rifle. we'll just have to see how it turns out I guess. And honestly I'm not completely sure this will turn out the best but hopefully it will be a great gun.
plz can you tell me when your done or if you fail, because it sounds like it could be a extremely good gun (and pics when your done aswell)
lol this is nearly a year old we never really got off on the idea.
oh lol
Oops, I assumed your big comment was the recent one so ignore my other comment.
H&K G3?
now dat gorrilla got gunz!!
killerk's SR-V1. its accurate up to 50-75 ft and can shoot 300 ft, depending on your rubber band.
KILLERK pistol. Yeah!!
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