Best knex set for the money

Which knex sets have the most pieces for the least amount of money?

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pongopeter826 (author) 4 years ago
I tryed eBay and I got a huge lot of knex for 90 dollars. thanks guys for helping me :)
didexo4 years ago
Ebay or other things like that. Buying them in sets ins't a good idea. See local yardsales, you can sometimes find a big tube of them for a cheap price.
Or order pieces from K' I order there often to get the exact pieces I need. Lots of ways to buy set are usually my last resort
ZakS4 years ago
Your best bet is to search ebay for a big lot of knex with mostly pieces that you'd want. Much cheaper than any of the retail sets.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Depends on where you shop and if you need to factor in shipping and tax. Better question to ask is which set has the most amount of useable pieces to build a certain project that you like.