Best picture resolution for an instructables?

Hi guys,

I am just wondering what's the best picture resolution for an instructables (In pixels)

Would 800x600 be too small or too big?

Thanks in advise! ^^

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caitlinsdad2 years ago

Most of my images are from my 12 megapixel camera and I have used some from my 16 megapixel camera too. They automatically get resized by the system. Sometimes there is unintended cropping for the thumbnail one so it is best to have a squarish resolution- about even on both sides- for that main image. Double click on the images in your ible to get the page that lists all the available resized views. The mutiple image layout in each step of the ible uses various sizes not under our control. I guess what you see on the page depends on the browser and device you are using.

Electrospark (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago

Okay, I found that 800x600 works great for the slow internet connection I have.

Thanks for the help and sorry for not replying earlier, I was busy working on my instructable on how to open a light bulb without breaking it. ^^

Take a look if you want and let me know what you think! :)

I embed them in the original resolution i used.

But with a general width restiction in the Instructable to 200 pixels (fits on most screens and mobiles this way).
If you click on an image you see the full resolution.
In general, the more detail required the higher the resolution.

Electrospark (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

So the pictures in an instructable are only 200 Pixels???

I thought they were bigger than that...

I resized mine to 800x600.

Thanks for the help! :)

No, I use a preview size of 200 pixels, that way the server load is less and the pic is still big enough.
The image itself is hosted with an online service at full resolution, so when you click on it it opens in full size.
Only the images you upload directly through "Add Image" here are resized automatically to fit.

Electrospark (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

Oh, I see.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. O_o

antoniraj2 years ago

all my images other than the main image in introductory part are 1024 x 768. the main image is always in very high resolution