Best Knex sniper

Here are the rules. The sniper must be your own and it must be rated over 3.
They will be judged on range, pierceing, accuracy, and amount of pieces. I will need a judge or two for each. The winner will recieve 5* and will be on my Bect of Instructables 2008 instructable. If you want to enter post your sniper on the comment area.

Enterants- DJ Radio's knex SPEC-9 sniper rifle
T36 Long Range sniper by Darth Gecko Man
Kakurito's Dragonav
Judges- Heat-Seeker
Volenteer on the comments if you have a lot of pieces and free time to build.

Amount of Pieces (lower is better)-

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knexguy8 years ago
I disagree with lower piece count being better; for instance this could mean that a 5 piece 'noob sniper' could be classified as better than the SR-V1 or the Moretti.
The Jamalam8 years ago
i think the pieces aspect should be changed. because you said lower is better. now someone could get a red connector and a rubberband and call it a sniper. Call it close to about 150
The Jamalam8 years ago
tj sr v4 entry plz
Katarukito9 years ago
add my drag ;D
Electroinnovation (author)  Katarukito8 years ago
Yours is already on the instructable but you can enter anyway.
Capt. Fat8 years ago
Im not entering, but would like to see steps on how to make the best sniper.
danblath8 years ago
does anyone know what knex pack is useful?
DJ Radio9 years ago
DGM will surely beat me on range, and I will surely beat him on amount of parts. Piercing and accuracy are unknown at this point.....
Electroinnovation (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
I Liked your old picture better. this one is a little off-beat. Do not say I shouldn't have puppies because they are sooooooooooo cute.
Little puppies FTW!!
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