Best stat for a knex gun.

What are your guys favorite stat,wether its accuracy,range,or good looks? What kind of stat makes a knex gun great? Do you guys like big guns or small guns better? I was wondering this to see which knex gun i should post,since I got a lot of knex guns with different stats. Sorry for any grammer errors.

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sugg2210 years ago
definitely cocking type, looks, range
that's what she said! woooo
TheDunkis9 years ago
Well my personal opinion is the looks and then all the features especially cocking type already mentioned (pump action, true bolt, or anything semi auto even if it sucks) I'm all for adding as many features as posible to make up for whatever cons you have.
power/range, accuracy, reliability, easy to build, and easier to use, the simplier the better but thats just my opionion nice form
we could tell from your offense.
Range, accuracy, ice cream machine.
adamsdead10 years ago
cocking type (pump pull bsck firing pin true semi auto)
fobblewabble (author) 10 years ago
mines how long it takes to load. If it takes 4 minutes or whatever to load your gun, its a pretty bad gun.
ricky020710 years ago
range and fire speed, like an mg
looks, strength, reliability, and noise. requirements in my opinion.
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