Best time to publish an Instructable

Call me vain, but it sure does feel good to receive a few thousand views for a newly published Instructable. So I got to thinking about which day of the week would result in the best exposure for a new Instructable. Being featured is important of course - without that little banner the Instructable will never reach the editors' picks section, the front page, or the newsletter.

So assuming you can create an Instructable which will be featured, when's a good time to post it? I find that publishing an Instructable on Thursday or Friday morning-midday is a good idea - this gives the editors time to review and feature your Instructable before the weekend. If you're lucky enough to have your 'ible featured on the frontpage on Saturday, I think it pretty much sits there for the whole weekend since the editors are not in the office to approve new homepage 'ibles. Even if you don't make the front page, it'll stay at the top of the editors' picks section for awhile. Publishing from Friday afternoon to Sunday might be a bad idea since that's when a lot of people have the time to publish, so come Monday the front page is backed up with newly featured Instructables.

Yes, I am a little obsessed preoccupied with this whole idea, but I don't think I'm insane, which means that someone else out there must be wondering the same thing. What do you think?

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I published a instructable on monday . Its a flashlight fire piston instructable . Was that a bad day to be featured or did i put it in the wrong category, or maybe it just wasnt good enough to be featured ?
You should write one on making and using char cloth too. With a video of course :)
I am pretty sure the day you publish makes no difference on it being "featured" clue on the category, but I'd guess it's not a big deal. But you could easily edit it and correct that, of course.

It seems to take a while for some instructables to get featured. It may just need some time to go through the process.
lemonie5 years ago
Does this have anything to do with your competition-entries or are they an entirely separate thing?

monsterlego5 years ago
I like posting on Friday because:

a) its right before the weekend (everyone uses the internet on weekends)
b) Because its right before the weekend it has some time to get featurd before then
LanceMakes (author) 5 years ago
Well I decided to publish an Instructable on Monday just to see what happens... It was featured that day, but it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that it reached the homepage. I wonder if someone at HQ is (kindly) showing me a lesson, or maybe it's just impossible to guess when the best time to publish is.
I think a good 'ible with a nice clear title picture is more important than which day you post. I finished my Dog Bandana 'ible on a Sunday afternoon and it got featured. I also took and downloaded pictures 3 times before I got one I liked for the title shot.

I have enough trouble finding the time and energy to finish and publish a project that I don't worry about when (except for contest deadlines).
I am typing at work on my lunch break now, but by the time I get home it is unlikely I will drag myself upstairs to work on the 4 unfinished 'ibles and Event report.
I used to worry about this quite a bit - but not so much these days. Though if you have something really great, it's always good to post it a couple days before the newsletter goes out. That way you might have a chance to get more hits if you get chosen for the newsletter!

The only thing I try to avoid is posting the last day a contest is open - especially if your ible is unrelated... you tend to get buried in pages of cupcakes or something. ;)
gmjhowe5 years ago
I found from a view side of things, posting on a Thursday was good for views.

I think this is partly due to the relaxed nature of work on Fridays, and people checking the site before the weekend.
Kiteman5 years ago
Not all the people who can feature content are in the office, quite a few are members of the volunteer Community Team, who prowl around he site in their free time. Several are not even in the US.

I know that at least one UK member of the CT is online most nights until 11pm or later. That's about 6am California time, so between him and HQ, that's 21/24 hours covered in the week, and close to that at weekends.

Add the other members, and there is close to to 24/7 coverage for featuring, which is why the majority of featurable projects get featured within an hour of posting.

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