Best vedio game

What do you think is the best video game in the world?
What console do you think is the best? 

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Msitets7 days ago

I'm an old timer. Prince of Persia is the best video game for me.

azazqadir9 months ago

The best game, but is just my opinion, is Witcher 3. Why? Because it has everything a game must have, i.e. beautiful and well crafted story with some purpose, interesting characters that you care about, realistic dialogues, no repetitive quests, even side quests are interesting and flawless gameplay mechanics. It is a type of game that you would love to play again and again.

ularkusut1 year ago

im gonna refer to harvest moon :p

Seeing the Call of Duty series on so many lists here is making me cringe!! What's going on?!? I play them (quite often), but in no way are they worthy of best ever status.

The best gaming platform is the PC, no argument!! But if you have to choose a best ever console, it has to be the original Playstation as it brought gaming to the mainstream (though lets be honest, the ability to modchip it and play pirated games was a big part of its success). I prefer the XBox in the current generation, no matter how frustrating it is.

Best game ever has to be Unreal, ground breaking and genre defining. Doom and Quake are also right up there. Other favourites of mine include the Command & Conquer series, X-Wing, The 7th Guest, Tetris and Elite.

ularkusut1 year ago

Mafia 3

Gta V

Sleeping Dogs

Dota 2

ularkusut1 year ago

Mafia 3

Sleeping dogs

Dota 2


Gta V

down to personal preference/experience. For gameplay, Gears of War 3,
due to the amount of skill required do be any good at the game in
multiplayer, and the fluidity of the game mechanics.

But for a complete game, Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 has to be the best
gaming experience i've ever had. For it's time it had extremely unique
and innovative gameplay, and the story line was so well thought out,
detailed and highly emotive. Was just a pleasure to be a part of the
generation that experienced it for what it was, a piece of art.

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft.....

AntonioM102 years ago

Harvest Moon Rune Factory (3) DS

gral123 years ago

I think PS4 is for me best and best game The Last Of Us.

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