Best vedio game

What do you think is the best video game in the world?
What console do you think is the best? 

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down to personal preference/experience. For gameplay, Gears of War 3,
due to the amount of skill required do be any good at the game in
multiplayer, and the fluidity of the game mechanics.

But for a complete game, Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 has to be the best
gaming experience i've ever had. For it's time it had extremely unique
and innovative gameplay, and the story line was so well thought out,
detailed and highly emotive. Was just a pleasure to be a part of the
generation that experienced it for what it was, a piece of art.

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft.....

AntonioM101 year ago

Harvest Moon Rune Factory (3) DS

gral122 years ago

I think PS4 is for me best and best game The Last Of Us.

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nancyjohns2 years ago

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clobber243 years ago
Best Games Ever:
Black Ops 2
Modern Warfare 2
Age of Empires
Fallout 3
Assassin's Creed Revelations

Best Console:
PS3 or PC
I respect the lower game on your list, but seriously, Call of Duty games. Really?
I can't pick one or even a few games but I can recommend a few consoles. If you want something for graphics, get a great (and expensive) PC. For gaming on the go, check out any DS. Now if you want a real challenge, the NES is the way to go! One last one: to develop bad eyesight, get a Virtual Boy. LOL
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