Best. Phrase. Evar! Where did you first hear that phrase?

I first heard the "Best. (insert anything here). Evar." line on a remake of pride and prejudice.

Char. A: "Best. Date. Evar!"
Char. B: "You say that after every date."

But in the last few years, and on instructables in particular, I've read the phrase much more often. I'm wondering if the ultimate source for the phrase was the movie or something else.

I like etymology, what can I say.

So anyways, where'd you first hear that phrase?

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trialex carbon10 years ago
Well "Evar" on wikipedia directs to leet, which discusses leet-speak, so that's good enough for me!
carbon trialex10 years ago
I'd so start up the "Citing Wikipedia is for Asshats" argument, but I lurve my Wikipedia, so I won't. : ) Hmm, It does a fairly good job of distinguishing between the different "forms" of leet. Yeah, as long as we make it clear that there's more than one "leet," I'm good.
trialex10 years ago
Huh. I thought the first use was from that great source of material, "The Simpsons". Comic book guy says "Worst. Episode. Ever." to describe the Itchy and Scratchy episode where Poochie was introduced. He uses the line in numerous other episodes, and there is even a whole episode called "Worst Episode Ever" where comic book guy uses the line to describe a cardiac episode he suffers. He also uses other variants such as "Worst. Theme Park. Ever." I have a simpson t-shirt that says "Worst T-Shirt Ever" I would guess the line could be equally well for Worst and Best, it's the halting style of the line that gives it its comedic value. Ever just got changed to evar in typical leet-speak style
carbon trialex10 years ago
I think you've got it there. Seems a very likely origin.

Ever just got changed to evar in typical leet-speak style

I wouldn't call it leetspeak. I'm sure there's a word for this...

I've always just called it IRC. Ie. "Aye loff you." is IRC for "I love you."
canida trialex10 years ago
Yeah, that's where I've seen/heard it.
lemonie trialex10 years ago
Yes, and the emphasis is on ever, which is part of Comic book guy's chracter...

I like those lines.

But if we're actually talking about ever as opposed to evar it's something altogether different(?)

lemonie10 years ago
Not heard that one. I have seen a fair amount of graffiti which has been dedicated to some woman called Eva. Perhaps Eva is related to Evar? L
carbon10 years ago
I'm thinking it just evolved on the intarwebs. It's like trying to trace back the first lolcat. Or the origin of "lol", for that matter.