Best/Worst Magazines

Please forgive me if this topic has already been discussed in the forums. With the holidays up and coming, it seemed like a potentially good time to look into getting some magazines for monthly reading material. That said, what are your favorite (and least favorite) magazines? --Purduecer

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Goodhart8 years ago
I forgot to mention my Least favorite magazine: "O" is for Oprah....
I really don't read many magazines. I get Craft in PDF format, and I read Self and various cooking magazines at work because they're free. Oh, and Ready Made!
Goodhart8 years ago
My favorites are, in no particular order,
Nuts 'n' Volts
Popular Science
Hakin9 (a very technical mag. mostly for computer security personnel)
Engineering Design New (EDN)
CQ Magazine
and ARRL's QST Mag.
purduecer (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
I've heard about 2600, but don't know much about it (beyond the fact that it's a hacker magazine), what sort of articles do they feature?
here you go, now that I am home: #25, year 2008 - number 3 (Autumn) Table of contents: The Last shall be first (reminiscing about The Last Hope conference, and future Hope conferences i.e. The Next Hope) Bell's Mind Markup Language: hand scanning The TORminator: and how to make things more secure The State of Cyberspace and Cyberwar: with a little history to bring one up to date Watching the Watchers: Google Analytics and redirection strategies. The Telcom Informer Apple Dashboard Widget Insecurity Penetration Testing the Red Team Way FaxCore Reshacking Windows Vista Games iMation Insecurities Blackhat SEO, how the dumb masses are exploited to make a profit The Hacker Perspective Spoofing Banners with Open Source Servers Remote Scripting AT&T Wireless information Set up your Phone for International Dialing USB Antiforensics Transmissions Discovering Firewalls Hacking Music Sleeper (fiction) and finally an ad for The Best of 2600 :-)
WOW, well, i cut mine down from more than that, to about 10. AND, i only visit them during my lunch (30mins) at work, weekdays. It was needed to make room for ibles.
Hmm? In my list of magazines, I only have 9 listed. Directly above your post is the table of contents for the 2600 mag.
ah thats makes more sense. (teach me to not read properly.)
purduecer (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
awesome, thanks man
You're welcome. Like I said though, it would be best to leaf through one from a Borders store first before may not be what you are looking for :-)
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