Better Than MLCad?

I have something better than mlcad, for modelling knex. Its only 2-d, though

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HBF (author) 10 years ago
Smidge, its called pivot. You made some! Ill make more pieces, thats all i have, then download
smidge147 HBF10 years ago
what pivot stick figure?
HBF (author)  smidge14710 years ago
smidge14710 years ago
is the program called paint?
zachninme10 years ago
Isn't MLCAD for Legos? Or is there a K'nex library? Also, you should probably just tell us the name of this mysterious piece of software thats supposivly better than MLCAD. And 2-D is a big downfall, don't you think?
canida zachninme10 years ago
zachninme canida10 years ago
Ah, so there is one. I've used it for Legos... but I'm not into K'nex really...