Better way for contests that are being judged

When the contest are being judged, they are showing the recent instructables first, more people are more likely to choose those than the ones in the end or middle. I posted one of my instructables in the beginning of the contest, and I don't want someone else to win because they are the last instructable to be posted. It should be rated by the rating or views instead of automatically recent

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canida6 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions! We're working on ways to improve the contest voting scheme, and this discussion will help.
dombeef (author)  canida6 years ago
I agree. I think they should be randomized every time the page is opened.
dombeef (author)  JamesRPatrick6 years ago
Or by rating, to be fair
lemonie dombeef6 years ago
That's no better really.
People either go through all of the contest entries voting, or they vote for ones they want to.
Looking at page 1, casting a few votes and giving up isn't that common I think.

I usually give up after a couple of pages, unless there are consistently notable entries on each page.
dombeef (author)  JamesRPatrick6 years ago
Yeah, me too if I am in a hurry

The best rated would be fair because they got ratings before it started voting

You get bored if the quality of entries is poor then?

Not exactly poor...I like to see at least one feature-worthy entry on each page.

By the way what country are you in because it's like 4AM here.

It's 6 hours later, you're up early?

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