Bic Lighter

plz tell me how to mod this bic lighter so i dont have to use the silly little side child lock every time. (That square buuton on the side)

P.S. Dont yell at me for smoking i just like burning stuff = ]

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RelientOwl7 years ago
I would give you a answer,but it depends on whether your a child or not. lol
Epoxy the thing. If you want simpler, hot glue. If you want even simpler, rubber band. If you want ever more simpler, tape. If you want inexplicably simple, buy another lighter!
 Grammar correction, 4th sentence. "ever more simple"
 I would recommend gluing the lock-tab/slide/thing in place, that should hold and you won't have to worry about it not working if you remove it completely.
Umm Haven't encountered them but take the top off without losing any bits and remove the little tabs that make it lock in the slot...
. Yep. . I haven't seen a child-proof lighter in years, but that's what we used to do. I taught my daughter how to safely use a "regular" lighter, so we didn't need the lock.
ouch, now bic has been making mandatory child locks. =-(

they're just really annoying, but aren't child proof. it's a strip of metal accross the flint wheel...
I hate those! They're sooo inconvenient. I just gave each of my kids Zippos. I figure when I tell them to burn something, I don't want any excuses!
"tell them to burn things" "just give them zippos"

do you ever stop making us jealous?

i haven't gotten around to getting a zippo =-(
first, i need the excuse of camping to get one, but i haven't been camping for a long time... =-( =-( =-( =-( =-(
I am more jealous, my Dad would never ever touch zippo's, only matches under his strict supervision... :-(
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