Big Screen Digital Canvas?

Ok, my parents have an old unusable 52" rear projection television.(projector is busted) I'm a filmmaker/digital sculptor and I want to convert the tv into a large digital canvas that I connect to my computer and can interact with using either the Maxell "Penit" digital pen, or one of these two other digital pens. ( I still have to test the pens to see if they can even live feed information to the computer. I am thinking it should be possible to use some type of bare computer LCD screen as the foundation of a rebuilt rear projector. Anybody have any specific ideas about how to put this together?

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joearkay7 years ago
Hope this helps!
guyfrom7up10 years ago
so let me get this straight. The projector is busted, so that the there is not image. You want to try and fix the projector (like a homebrew projector) so that it works again you want to use a sort of pen that acts like a mouse and draw on it as if it was a huge touch screen you are basically trying to make a rear projection smartboard if all of that is true I'll try and help you.
Butch007 (author)  guyfrom7up10 years ago
Yup that's it in a nutshell. How difficult do you think it should be? Have you ever used a pen that will do this sort of thing?
I have had no expierence with those sorts of pens, but I tried making one with an old mouse before.

If you're willing to spend around 100 to 200 dollars (most likly around 150 dollars) then you can do it. This would be kind of hard, but not impossiable.

to get it back working:
here's a video of it in a nutshell using an overhead projector for ideas

but whenever you take a apart keep all of the electronics hooked together so you can still connect it to a computer.
Butch007 (author)  guyfrom7up10 years ago
Ok, I'm going to have to actually look at the guts og the TV, but I guess you wouldn't happen to know if there was a generic alternative to that big bulky light projector for the back light source? I think I could get a bare LCD off of eBay fairly cheaply Also the guy never shows how or where he makes the wire connects to the actual computer. $150 should be for which part(s)?